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What is Community?

Community is sharing something in common with others. For Christians that means sharing a common life centered around Jesus. To be a community is not an option for the church because it is by nature a community. The real question is, "What kind of community will it be?"

Man, having suffered the consequences of rebellion, is broken and alienated. Jesus' message is hope for a weary world tired of living in selfishness.

Christian community is about living out the values of God's kingdom expressed by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount. Simply, it is loving one another and taking liability for each other. It is committing our whole lives and resources to each other under the lordship of Christ.

This is much more than just attending a service.

What Are We?

We are a community of Christians living out the gospel through our commitment to one another and God's kingdom values. Specifically, we are a church that has a number of members living together in intentional community.

Our home consists of several buildings where our residential members live. We eat our meals together in a common dining area and share our finances and needs together. In this way we have greater opportunity to support and care for one another.

It is a wonderful experience living with other brothers and sisters in Christ and knowing the love of God in daily life. Community provides the chance to grow and be changed in a loving, accepting environment.

What We Do

Our main purpose is to model now, the kingdom of God through our values and lifestyle. To that end we cultivate a life together that encourages each of us to serve God and others.

We care for one another's needs, challenge each other to holiness, have fun together, educate and train our children together, and reach out to the lost and needy.

Practically that means we:

  • Meet together as a church
  • Have our own children's academy
  • Own our own businesses
  • Share our meals together
  • Support and care for one another in daily life
  • Minister to the lost and needy around us

We believe loving God means having a whole life commitment to Christ, His people, and His work. This is why we live out the gospel in community and dedicate our lives to God's purposes.

Who are we?
We are a family of families, raised up by God to care for our brothers and sisters and to be instruments of His healing and love to one another.
We are a covenant people, committed to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and to each other for the rest of our lives.
We are Inter-Denominational, representing many streams of Christianity.
We are charismatic. We believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit – healing, prophecy, discernment of spirits, words of knowledge and wisdom, speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues (1 Corinthians 12).

About Us

We are a people seeking to help one another be obedient to God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; to live under His commandments in dedicated lives of love, holiness and joy; and to live a life of service to Jesus and to others, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The CFI Community is a community of men, women, and children, from different Christian traditions who have decided to be a people who live under the Lordship of Jesus. We believe the Holy Spirit has called us together to witness to the Christian life, culture, and unity that God desires for all people.

We are a Community whose members have agreed to live out our lives in a committed order for the purpose of helping each other live a full Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our community life is more than a commitment on paper or an abstract theory; it is a daily living in committed relationships with brothers and sisters who make themselves available to support one another in living the Christian life. One of the distinct features of the Christian Community is that we place a high priority on living in close proximity to one another in a “neighborhood” setting. Besides sharing common beliefs, values and commitments we seek to share our lives on a daily basis.

This close proximity adds a dimension of intensity to our life rarely found outside of monastic settings. There is no better way to get to know someone than to live closely with that person. All families live in their respective homes but we certainly share our lives together.

The Word the Lord gave us during the early formative years of the community was to “Be an alternate society”. In responding to that word we are striving to be a community where our “society” and “culture” are boldly and radically Christian. In this “alternate society” based on Christian principles our form of government is “Theocratic,” guided by the Godly principles of the Scriptures. We recognize the primacy of the Family as the foundational unity of society and uphold the sovereignty of the family in its role in the formation and education of children.

A necessary part of the “Alternate Society” is the development of an “Alternate Culture” with ideas, practices, and prohibitions that provide a framework and context for living out the good news of Christian life. Although many cultures (Asian, European, Latino, etc.) are represented in the Community, the culture is specifically Christian and the ideas and practices are guided by Christian principles

Anyone wishing to join the Christian Fellowship International Community, would become a member shareholder (after a 12 month trial period) and as such have a vote (via unanimous consensus) in the direction and the policies of the CFI Community Co-Op. Due to this being a private British Columbia Cooperative according to B.C. corporate regulations, we give priority to married couples and their children and of course always welcome singles. The shareholding memberships are in a British Columbia registered Co-Operative.

Anyone wishing to come and stay in the Community as a Volunteer Intern, without buying any membership shares, in other words without any cash input, will be allowed to do so, but will not have a vote at the Annual or General Meeting, only members will be allowed to vote according to their membership in our Co-Op. One vote per member.

Anyone desiring to be involved with the CFI Community on a trial basis (three, six, nine or twelve month commitment), may do so, and not be under any obligation outside of working in the community, doing their chores and being involved in the overall Ministry effort of the Fellowship, including taking courses in our Bible College. Their spiritual and intelectual input is always welcome.

Each member of the CFI Community will have no expenses (Food, Housing, Medical, Transportation) during their stay in the Community.

If at any time a member of the community decides that they are going to leave, they will always be allowed back in, if they wish to at a later date, if their departure has been on amicable terms.

Shareholder members will be allowed to cancel their membership and get a full refund of their paid membership shares. Shareholders who decide to leave the community may keep their shares and benefit from them in the future. Members may also donate or return their membership shares to the CFI Community Co-Op treasury.

The Following are seven ways to be involved in the CFI Community:
  1. As a Visitor (all expenses paid by visitor or Community sponsor)
  2. As a Fellowship (church) member
  3. As a Tenant (No member privileges)
  4. As an Associate Member (is a supportive friend of our community with certain privileges - No Vote)
  5. As an Intern / Volunteer (from three to twelve months. Intern privileges, No Vote)
  6. As a Community Candidate (12 months trial - all privileges but no vote) seeks to test the call of God, to determine if involvement with CFI Community should be a permanent commitment.
  7. As a Full fledged Covenant Shareholding Member (all privileges - full voting rights) - someone who, through careful discernment and prayer, has made a life commitment to God and the other CFI members. The Full Covenant member agrees to live out the Covenant, which includes a set of specific covenant agreements and a Christian Rule of Life.
The CFI Community Covenant

Jesus is our Lord!
The Lord has called us to make a solemn covenant with Him and with one another to be a people of praise. We accept the Lordship of Jesus in our lives, individually and as a people. He has destroyed our isolation and joined us together.

We commit ourselves fully, subordinate to our primary covenants to marriage, celibacy and the church, as brothers and sisters in the Lord, entrusting our lives to Him and to each other in Him. We promise to build up, exhort, admonish and listen to one another; to be quick to forgive and to ask forgiveness; to assist each other in seeking His perfect will in all things.

In His joy and peace, therefore, we yield our lives to Jesus; everything past, present and future and we agree to:
    1. Love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.
    2. Be faithful to our commitments to community prayer, fellowship and service, seeking always the vision and the growth to which the Spirit is calling us.
    3. Accept responsibility for community order.
    4. Foster the growth of the community by accepting responsibility for a program of Christian initiation and formation in community life.
    5. Recognize the headship of the Elders and Coordinators and agree to obey, correct, and pray for them.
    6. Accept our financial responsibility to the community.
    7. Be held to this covenant and to hold one another to it.

We promise to love one another and to call each other to holiness. We believe that this is the way God has chosen for our sanctification. We willingly ask Him to use it. We regard this as a solemn and serious commitment which we enter in good conscience, freely, and in faith.

The following positions (in alphabetic order) are desirable occupations, trades and skills that would be beneficial within our Christian Community setup. Our Community would not necessarily need all these different professions or trades, but would entertain the inclusion of one or more of each into the Community.

Community Positions:


  • Pastor - President/CEO -
  • Accountant - Treasurer -
  • Lawyer - Corporate Secretary -


  • Architect -
  • Astronomer -
  • Biological Lab Technician -
  • Chiropractor -
  • Dentist -
  • Doctor / Naturopath -
  • Engineer -
  • Geologist -
  • Homeopath -
  • Linguist -
  • Meteorologist -
  • Nurses -
  • Optometrist -
  • Surveyor -
  • Teachers -
  • Town Planner -
  • Veterinarian -
  • Zoologist -


  • Artists (Painter, Sculptor, Stained Glass, etc.) -
  • Candle makers -
  • Crafts -
  • Gemologist -
  • Seamstress -


  • Appraiser -
  • Baker -
  • Blacksmith -
  • Bronze Worker -
  • Bus Driver -
  • Butcher -
  • Canoe Maker -
  • Carpenters -
  • Ceramics/Pottery Maker -
  • Commercial Artist/Graphic Designer
    /Web Designer
  • Computer/Electronic Technician -
  • Cooks -
  • Day Care Manager (ECE) -

  • Ecologist -
  • Editor -
  • Electrician -
  • Equestrian Trainer -
  • Farmers - Animal Husbandry and Crops -
  • Fashion Designer -
  • Fireman -
  • Fitness Instructor -
  • Foundry worker -
  • Furniture/Cabinet Maker -
  • Glass Blower -
  • Hair Dresser -
  • Heavy Equipment Operator -
  • Housekeeper -
  • Insurance Agent -
  • Interior Decorator -
  • Janitor/Maintenance -
  • Labourers -
  • Landscaper -
  • Librarian -
  • Laundry Staff -
  • Locksmith -
  • Machinist -
  • Mason -
  • Mechanic/Body work -
  • Midwife -
  • Mill Worker -
  • Mortician -
  • Musicians -
  • Nutritionist -
  • Ornamental Iron Worker -
  • Painter -
  • Performing Arts -
  • Photographer/Videographer -
  • Pilot -
  • Plant Nursery Manager -
  • Plumber/Heating/Sheet metal -
  • Printer -
  • Property Manager -
  • Publisher -
  • Purchasing Agent -
  • Real Estate Agent -
  • Receptionist -
  • Reporters -
  • Screen Printer -
  • Secretary -
  • Security Guard -
  • Sound/Broadcast Technician -
  • Stock Commodities Broker -
  • Store Keeper -
  • Tanner -
  • Tour Coordinator -
  • Travel Agent -
  • Trucker -
  • Upholsterer -
  • Vintner -
  • Waitresses -
  • Web Designer -
  • Welder -
  • Writers -
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