Act 4:34-35
Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, And laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.



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    Members of the communities listed here have chosen to express their Christian faith and commitment through sharing their lives and finances, at least to some extent.

    Christian Communities vary in style and in social and theological approach. It is unlikely that anyone would be happy with all those listed here! Some of them may be similar to other Christian Communities, but most of them will be quite different.

    We have tried to include communities which see themselves (and others) as Christian, and which others see as Christian.

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  1. Alleluia Community, Augusta, GA, USA
    Ecumenical Christian community living together as one village
  2. Agape Village, Belize
    A forming community in Belize
  3. l'Abri (International)
    Evangelical network founded by Francis Schaeffer. Communities in the USA, England, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland and South Korea.
  4. l'Arche Internationale and l'Arche, UK with links to other l'Arche communities around the world
    Communities of people with a developmental disability and those who share life with them
  5. Ashram Community Sheffield, UK
    The Ashram Community seeks to be a community of disciples true to the teachings and example of Jesus.

  6. Bartimaeus Cohousing Community Washington, USA
    "...where people can substantially grow into the whole, healthy, unique persons God intended."
  7. Basisgemeinde Gettorf, Germany
    Anabaptist communal church
  8. Basivilla, Switzerland
    A small Swiss community in Ostermundigen
  9. Betel (International)
    Rehabilitating substance abusers
  10. Bethany Fellowship International, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    Evangelical community and missionary training centre and Bible school
  11. Broken Shackle Ranch, Georgia USA
    Broken Shackle Ranch is a Christian youth home that specializes in helping young men aged 16-19
  12. Brot des Lebens
    (auf deutsch: English page), Munich, Germany
    Catholic covenant community
  13. The Brotherhood Church Stapleton, Yorkshire, UK
    Originating from the Quaker movement, this 'peace' community aims to live independently from the government
  14. Bruderschaft Salem (Salem Brotherhood) (International).
    Evangelical communal group helping mentally handicapped adults, disabled and abandoned children
  15. Bruderhof Communities (Church Communities International)
    a Christian community movement with branches in the United States, England, Germany, and Australia.

  16. Camden House, New Jersey, USA
    Committed to working for justice through the work of community, hospitality and employment.
  17. Catholic Worker Communities, 175 locations, mainly in USA
    Communities remain committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and foresaken
  18. Chautauqua Institution, NY, USA
    Methodist intentional community started in 1874; around 500 permanent residents and over 150,000 visitors each year
  19. Chemin Neuf
    (multilingual/en français: English page), mainly in France
    Catholic with an ecumenical vocation
  20. Christavashram, Kerala, India
    Ecumenical Christian Ashram
  21. Christen in der Offensive, The Reichenberg Fellowship, Reichelsheim, Germany
    Lutheran lay community
  22. Christian Community of God's Delight, Dallas, Texas USA
    Catholic Covenant community
  23. Christ the King International Association International
    Charismatic Catholic association of communities
  24. Church Communities International (Bruderhof)
    a Christian community movement with branches in the United States, England, Germany, and Australia.
  25. Church Communities UK (Bruderhof)
    UK branch of an international community organisation.
  26. Church of the Sojourners
    San Francisco
  27. City of the Lord Community, Phoenix AZ,USA
    A Roman Catholic association of married and single men and women, clergy, and religious
  28. Coleg y Groes, Denbighshire (Wales), UK
    An Anglican community seeking to be deliberate in the sharing of their resources
  29. Common Ground Community, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
    A neighbourhood seeking to live intertwined lives
  30. Common Life Network, Switzerland
    (auf deutsch)
    A network for Swiss Christian communities
  31. The Common Place, London, Ontario, Canada
    A blog for a small community following the example of Christ and the early Church
  32. Communauté de l'Emmanuel, (International)
    Largely celibate Catholic community
  33. Communauté du Verbe de Vie, (International)
    Catholic communities mainly in Europe
  34. Communauté Don Camillo Montmirail, Switzerland
  35. Communitas Agnes Dei, Germany
    Community with a vision to turn their 'culture of love' into social justice in the wider world
  36. Community of Celebration, near Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    Descended from the Church of the Redeemer, this community is an Anglican religious order of men, women and children
  37. Community of Celebration Trust, UK
    Supporting the Community of Celebration in the UK
  38. Community of Jesus, Massachusetts, USA
    Ecumenical Christian community whose prayer, work, and fellowship are dedicated to the transformation of individual lives
  39. Community of St Benedict, Connecticut, USA
    Lay Monastery practicing hospitality to the disenfranchised.
  40. Community of the Beatitudes (International, French-speaking)
    Expressing new forms of 'consecrated' life, in response to the challenges of our times
  41. Community of the Firstborn, Texas, USA
    Extended family of believers with married and single people living in our individual homes and trailers on 50 acres of land
  42. Community of the Good Shepherd, Vasai, India
    Catholic community with an outreach ministry to children living in slums
  43. Community of the Risen Christ, Glasgow, UK
    A group of ordinary people from all walks of life, seeking to live out our Christian life in a community context
  44. Companions of Stillpoint Ministries, North Carolina, USA
    Committed to service, social justice, peacemaking, prophetic action and spiritual disciplines
  45. Congregations of Yahweh, International
    A multinational, multicultural group of people on a journey of faith and a sincere desire to live holy lives
  46. Cooperativa Neuland, Paraguay
    Land co-op founded by Mennonite (Anabaptist) refugees from Russia and eastern Germany in 1947; today 1,635 residents on 2000 square kilometres (!)
  47. Cor-Lumen Christ Community, Chertsey, UK
    A community with a mission of prayer and apostolic outreach providing a centre for prayer, worship, training and ministry
  48. Corrymeela Community, Northern Ireland
    People of all ages and Christian traditions, committed to the healing of social, religious and political divisions
  49. Covenant House, International
    Catholic charity organisation which uses 'Faith Community' homes at the heart of its work to help children off the street

  50. Diakoniedorf HerzosägmühleA "Place to Live", Germany
    Lutheran community which began as a "worker colony" to integrate homeless men in the wider society in 1894. In recent decades it became an intentional Christian village of about 900 people (including children, families, mentally handicapped people and seniors). Two-thirds of them have chosen to stay permanently, while one-third is looking for temporary help.
  51. Die Hegge, Germany
    Women's community hosting an educational centre
  52. Disciples of Jesus Community, Australia
    a ntional community, "A body in and for the Church"
  53. Detroit Community Outreach, Detroit, Michiigan, USA
    Actively involved in outreach to youth

  54. Emmaus Dublin, Republic of Ireland
    An interdenominational, charismatic community of young people, looking to bring the Christian message to their country through music and the arts
  55. Emmaus Kaio Community Chicago, USA
    A ministry seeking to reach out to male prostitutes
  56. Ensemble Community in Riehen near Basel
    Mutual support in following Jesus. Assisted living for two women and two men. Promoting "living in community"
  57. Elim Evangelical Christian Communities, Netherlands
    "If there is a spiritual fellowship, then this must automatically lead to a social fellowship"

  58. Familia Spiritualis Opus, Germany
    Community basing its identity on John 6:29
  59. Familienkommunität "Siloah", Germany
    Protestant community, well-known for its Christian youth camps
  60. Fe y Vida, Spain
    Catholic charismatic ecumenical communities
  61. Focolare, (International)
    Roman Catholic communal villages
  62. Foyer de Charité, (International)
    Roman Catholic lay communities
  63. Franciscaans Milieuproject, Netherlands
    Based on Franciscan spirituality this community strives to foster respect for God's creation.
  64. Free Christian Youth Community, Lüdenscheid, Germany
    An interdenominational, social-missionary community
  65. Friedensstadt, 'City of Peace', Blankensee, Germany
    Reclaimed since Russian occupation in 1994

  66. Holden Village
    An ecumenical Christian renewal centre rooted in the Lutheran tradition comprising of about 60 core members and many guests throughout the year
  67. Home Church Dot Org
    An internet discussion about house churches
  68. House of Prayer for All Nations, Rochester, Kent, UK
    Moving from 'Luke Warm' Christianity into a life devoted to Him
  69. House of the Open Door, Worcs., UK
    An ecumenical, family based community
  70. Hutterian Brethren, various locations in North America
    Traditional rural community church

  71. Iona Community, UK
    An ecumenical Christian community committed to seeking new ways of living the Gospel in today's world

  72. Jesus Army (Jesus Fellowship), around the UK
    The New Creation Christian Community forms the core of the Jesus Army
  73. Jesus Christians, Sydney, Australia
    Outspoken Christian community
  74. Jesus Christ's Community at Hebron, Jefferson, New York State, USA
    A community preaching on the cost of love
  75. JPUSA (Jesus People USA) in Chicago, USA
    An integrative group of Christians with a transformative inner city and international ministry

  76. Koinonia, London, UK
    Ecumenical student outreach community at the University of London
  77. Koinonia Giovanni Baptista, Europe and USA
    Evangelical Roman Catholic communities
  78. Koinonia Partners, Americus, Georgia, USA
    Christian ministry working to defeat poverty and racism since 1942. Birthplace of Habitat for Humanity
  79. Kwasizabantu Mission, S. Africa
    Not just a mission station, but also a community with 400 residents founded in 1972. Evangelical with Lutheran background.
  80. Kyodogakusha, Japan
    (in Japanese -- English page) Evangelical communities serving mentally handicapped people; founded in 1973; around 170 residents in 4 communal farms

  81. Läbeshuus, Bern, Switzerland
    Swiss community providing discipleship training
  82. Lamb of God, New Zealand
    A national community located throughout New Zealand
  83. Lee Abbey, Devon, UK
    The vision of Lee Abbey is three-fold … to build community, to renew and serve the church and to be God's welcome to those who visit
  84. Life Mission Fellowship, Hammonton, New Jersey, USA
    A community of Christians living out the gospel through their commitment to one another and God's kingdom values
  85. Light of Christ Covenant Community, Bangalore, India
    A lay Catholic community in India, affiliated with the Glory of God International Covenant Communities
  86. Living Springs, Madison County, Arkansas, USA
    A new development planned around the 40-acre lake on a former cattle ranch, set in the beautiful, rolling hill country of Northwest Arkansas
  87. Living Water Community, Port of Spain, Trinidad,
    Catholic Charismatic Lay Community
  88. Lutheran Student House, Waterloo, Ontario, USA,
    A non-profit student residence ministry of Lutheran Campus Ministry-Waterloo

  89. Madonna House, Combermere, ON, Canada, plus links to other communities around the world
    Priests and laypeople devoted to poverty, chastity and obedience
  90. Menno House, New York, USA,
    Home of Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship
  91. Mühlrad, Germany
    A community which exists to encourage life and faith in Jesus
  92. Mustard Seed House, Seattle
    An inter-generational new monastic, intentional Christian community formed to live the values of God’s Kingdom

  93. Narrow Way Christian Community, Chapin, IL, USA
    Celibate Community on a 46 acre farm
  94. New Creation Christian Community around the United Kingdom
    Communities of the Jesus Fellowship/modern Jesus army
  95. New Life Evangelistic Center, St. Louis, MO, USA
    Interdenominational community reaching out to the poor and dispossessed
  96. Nomadelfia (The law of Brotherhood), Grosseto, Italy
    A group of catholic volunteers that wishes to construct a new civilization based on the Gospel

  97. Othona Community, Essex & Dorset, UK
    An ecumenical community

  98. Pain de Vie (Bread of Life), (International)
    Roman Catholic community belonging to the charismatic Renewal Movement; around 800 residents in 35 communal households including all states of life; many former substance abusers
  99. People of God, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    An ecumenical covenant community
  100. Pilsdon Community, Dorset, UK
    A small, ecumenical, work based community
  101. Plow Creek Mennonite Church, Tiskilwa, Illinois, USA
    A rural community with a pacifist emphasis
  102. Poatina Village (Shelter Village), Tasmania, Australia
    Caring for homeless and unemployed young people in a supportive atmosphere while offering training and job skills
  103. Praxis House, Seattle, Washington, USA
    Blog of new community set up by Church of the Apostles

  104. Radical Living, Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA
    A missional living community of artists, young professionals and students of various denominations, ethnicities and backgrounds
  105. Reba Place Fellowship, Evanston, IL, USA
    A Mennonite church of diverse membership
  106. Rehab 4 Addiction, is a free and confidential helpline for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in Birmingham. UK Tel: 0800 140 4690 Website:
  107. REMAR, International
    (Spanish) Charismatic community with 15,000 residents in 1,500 communities
  108. Revival Joy Centrum, Netherlands
    Small community with a ministry to drug addicts and alcoholics.
  109. Rose Creek Village, Tennessee, USA
    "We believe that there needs to be a demonstration of the Life of God to give validity to a Message, and we believe that we have a demonstration of that Life."
  110. Rutba House Community, Durham, NC, USA
    Home of the New Monasticism website, Rutba House call themselves an experiemnt in glimpsing the kingdom that is to come on earth.

  111. St Benedict's Farm, Texas, USA
    Lay Catholic community who have swapped cowls for bluecollar work clothes
  112. Seekers Church - A Christian Community, Washington DC, USA
    Famous for their artistic and original liturgies
  113. Servants of Jesus, Sydney, Australia
    An ecumenical community
  114. Servants of the Word, (International)
    Ecumenical brotherhood of men living single for the Lord in USA Scotland, England, Fiji, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Austria, Belgium, France, and Philippines.
  115. Shalom Mission Communities, USA
    Network of a number of communities across the United States.
  116. Shiloh Community, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, USA
    Ecumenical, a self-sustaining family of diverse interests, sharing a common vision
  117. Sojourners Community, Washington DC
    A community committed to social justice which produces a magazine by the same name
  118. The Simple Way, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
    A small community dedicated to social justice
  119. Sion, Brentwood, UK
    A Catholic community committed to mission work
  120. Steppenblüte, Grimmialp, Switzerland
    A community of artistic Christian women
  121. Sword of the Spirit International
    An association of communities world wide

  122. Taizé Community, based in France
    The famous community of reconcilliation and pilgrimage
  123. The Trinity Institute, Texas, USA
    A small community providing a residential resource for Christian artists and thinkers.
  124. Twelve Tribes (International)
    Pioneering movement, committed to Jesus. Communities in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, UK, USA

  125. Umkehr zum Herrn (Return to the Lord), Vienna, Austria
    An ecumenical community
  126. Urban Servant Corps, Denver, USA
    Lutheran 'helps' ministry with its roots in community living

  127. Vineyard Central, Norwood, Ohio, USA
    A small community which believes that "learning to be together as the church can only be accomplished by actually being together"

  128. Washtenaw Covenant Community, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
    A community of disciples from various Christian traditions on mission to live & proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ
  129. The Well at Willen Community, Milton Keynes, UK
    A 'non-hierarchical', ecumenical community seeking to share their 'well' (the symbol of a life giving God) with others.
  130. The Wesley Foundation at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
    A community of Christian 12 students at Virginia University
  131. Work of Christ Community, East Lansing, Michigan, USA
    A community of Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christians seeking to live completely for Jesus Christ
  132. WG Spiegel, Bern, Switzerland
    A small community of young people

  133. Zion UCC Intentional Community, Henderson, Kentucky, USA
    A community related to the United Church of Christ and committed to justice-activism and inclusive worship/prayer

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