Christian Community

Luke 10:8-9
And into whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you, eat such things as are set before you:
And heal the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.



Dr. Max Solbrekken

The Short Leg

Evangelist Max Solbrekken was holding a meeting in Thunder Bay, Ontario with about 200 in attendance, which I attended. At the end he asked if anyone needed prayer to come up and he would pray for them.

A LONG line of people ended up at the front. Max called out "Is there anyone here that believes God can heal?" I put my hand up, and he said "OK you start from that end." That was unexpected, but I had committed myself so went down to the other end.

The first person was a lady who had a sore back. She sat down on a chair and we discovered that her left leg was short about an inch. A crowd gathered around to see what God would do. I started praying that God would heal her back and lengthen her leg. The more I prayed the shorter the leg got. The gathering crowd was quite enamourd by this and started snickering. By this time I was sweating profusely, and Max came down to see what all the commotion was about. When he arrived I dropped her feet and told him what was happening.

Max asked the lady if she had ever been involved in the occult, and she responded that she had once owned a Quija board. Max reached over, put his hand on her head and Bound all evil spirits. He said to me "OK go ahead."

I prayed once again, and zoom, out came the leg and she was healed.

I went back home and told my brother about the healing and he said that he had one leg shorter than the other, and he also had a sore back. I sat him down in a chair, and measuring his legs found the discrepancy. I prayed for him and out shot his leg, with his family looking on.

The Canadian Nurse

A group of enthusiastic Christians from our ministry the Kalundborg Christian Fellowship in Denmark were doing evangelistic work on a Thursday, going door to door witnessing and inviting people to come out on Sunday for our Sunday school and Worship Services.

As I left a visitation, Marianne, one of our budding evangelists, came running and said:
"Egon, there is a lady in that apartment building over there who is a Canadian. She doesn't want to talk to anyone, she is sick."

"OK, I will go and see her." I said and headed for her apartment.

Arriving at her door, I knocked and was met with a behind closed doors response of "Please go away I am sick and cannot talk."

I sympathetically said, "I am sorry to hear that, I hear that you are Canadian, and so am I and I would really like to talk to you."

Slowly the door crept open and a gaunt, white faced, shawl covered head peeked around the corner. I explained that I was from Canada too and one of our group had told me about her. After a little small talk her face brightened, realizing that she had someone who could converse with her in English. She invited me in.

She offered me a cup of tea and shuffled out to the kitchen to prepare it, telling me a little of her background across the room.

Her name is Sharon and had originally come from Calgary, Alberta. She was in her late thirties, a nurse, working in the Kalundborg hospital.

I told her a little of the church work we were doing here in Kalundborg, and that God loved her and could overcome any obstacle.

Sharon elaborated on her church background "I really do not have any church upbringing, the only thing I remember was going to Sunday school as a child at the United Church with my mother. I believe in God, but it is too late for me now."

She proceeded to tell me her story.

"I met this handsome Dane in Calgary, fell in love and we got married. A few years later we took a trip to Denmark, and we decided to stay there. I got a job in my occupation as a nurse at the local hospital. After a few years I was diagnosed with cancer and over the years and many trips to the Finsen Cancer Institute in Copenhagen, and thirteen major operations, countless chemo and radiation treatments, they sent me home to die. The Cancer in my body had metastasized and was now completely riddled with the cancer. They said there wasn't any more they could do for me."

During this health tribulation, her husband couldn't take the problems associated with the sickness; he met a younger woman and left her.

She continued "I have been told I have a few weeks or months left. I am on morphine every 3 to 4 hours, to keep the pain at bay."

I said "Well God can undertake and heal you!"

She replied "I believe in God, but it is too late for me."

"Well I know God can heal you, do you mind if I pray with you?" I replied.

Hesitantly she agreed. I proceeded to pray for her complete healing, body, soul and spirit, and committed her to God.

She told me that she would have to take her morphine needle soon, so I got up and told her I would drop by tomorrow with my wife Pat and see her. She said Okay, and I made my way out.

I told Pat (MY WIFE) about her and her story, and she agreed to go visit her the next day.

The next day, Friday, Pat and I arrived at her apartment and after much knocking, finally left. I felt that either she didn't want visitors or something had happened.

On Sunday I dropped by her apartment again, intent on picking her up for the Sunday Worship Service. Again there was no response, now I was getting concerned for her.

Monday afternoon I went over to her apartment again and knocked on her door. All of a sudden her door flew open and Sharon stood with a big smile on her pink face.

She gave me a very jubilant welcome, and I said "Well what happened to you?" I told her we had been over a couple of times looking for her. She said come in and I will tell you. We sat down and she recounted her weekend events.

"You had prayed for me, and left, and I waited for the pain to set in. I never take the morphine, until the pain got too unbearable. I waited and waited and waited. The pain wasn't there, and I couldn't understand why. "I phoned the Finsen Cancer Institute in Copenhagen and queried them about this turn of events, and they told me to come right in and they would check me out. I was in all weekend, and they ran a battery of tests, but could not find one sign of any cancer. They were amazed, but finally gave me a clean bill of health.

I came home Sunday night and phoned my mother in Calgary and gave her the fantastic news. She told me to come back to Calgary, and we were going to go to Hawaii for a well deserved vacation."

We hugged each other and I left after praying with her, and that week she went home to Canada, healed under the mighty healing resurrection power of the Holy Spirit.

The Broken Gangarene Leg

During our many evangelistic forays out on the streets of Kalundborg, Denmark, one Friday afternoon we knocked on an apartment door, which was opened by a gentleman hobbling along on crutches.

We introduced ourselves and told him we were out inviting people to come to our Sunday service down the street.

He told us his name was Jens but he didn't think he could come because he had a broken leg. We talked for a while and he told us what had happened to him.

"I was down at the Kro (a Danish pub) and had a few drinks. It was freezing rain outside and the roads were slippery. I left to go home, and as I made my way down the street, I slipped and fell. They rushed me to the hospital, where I found out that I had broken my leg.

"They set the fracture and plastered it up with a cast and then sent me home.

"After a couple of weeks I went in and they examined me, and upon the removal of the cast found my leg all black and gangrene had set in. This went on for a while, but they couldn't get it to heal. They finally decided that they would have to amputate my leg and I am going in on Monday to have the operation."

He said this while banging on his leg with his fist, to show that he didn't have any feeling in it at all.

I told him "God can heal it, would you like me to pray for you."

He was very hesitant, but finally agreed to let me pray for him. I prayed that God would heal his leg so that it wouldn't have to be amputated. A simple prayer of faith.

He thanked me and said that we could pick him up on Sunday for the church service. We said we would see him then and departed.

Sunday morning arrived and we drove by his place to pick him up. Knocking on the door we patiently waited for him to answer. After a while we could hear some commotion inside his apartment and the door finally opened.

Standing in the doorway was Jens hobbling on his crutches with a horrible grimace on his face.

"Sorry, I can't come to church today, my leg is just killing me."

"Praise the Lord!" I exclaimed.

He looked at me dumbstruck, as if to say, That isn't funny, it hurts like hell.

"Don't you see" I continued "you have feeling in your leg, you are being healed!"

He looked down at his leg and pulled up his pant leg, the leg wasn't black anymore, it was an angry red and black.

We prayed again for him and left him to recuperate continuing on to our service.

I didn't go see him on Monday, as I knew he was going to the hospital to have his leg amputated, so I waited until Wednesday and went and knocked on his door.

He opened and flung his arms around me and dragged me in to his apartment.

"I went into the hospital on Monday, and the doctors examined me and took x-rays of my leg, and they couldn't believe it, my leg was totally healed with no break showing or any scars, and the leg was as pink as the day I was born. And no more pain!"

A simple prayer, backed by the knowledge that God is still healing and saving people TODAY! Hallelujah!

The Parliamentary Candidate

One of the single mothers of three children in our Sunday school, was self employed, running her own business. She decided to run as a member of Parliament for north western Zealand, in Denmark.

One morning God laid upon my heart to go and visit the family, don't know why, but never ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I knocked on their door and waited for a while, finally the door opened and there stood Judith with a grimace on her face and a total leg cast.

I was invited in and asked her what had happened to her, not having heard anything in the news.

She told me that she went to Copenhagen (approximately a trip of 100 kms) for a day of meetings with other candidates,. Coming home late at night it was foggy and rounding a corner she ended up in a 13 car pileup.

She was pinned in her car and injured, but didn't know how bad it was until she got to the hospital the night before.

After X-rays they discovered her knee cap had been crushed and the doctor put her in a full leg cast. He told her she would have to stay in the hospital for at least a week, while her leg healed. She told him she couldn't do that, she had a business to run from home, as well as her Parliamentary campaign to look after. The doctor finally relented and let her go home under the proviso she was to stay on the couch and not move about. If the cast was compromised in any way, he would order her back to the hospital for the duration.

She was sitting on her couch and her leg was in terrible pain, so I prayed with her and asked for God's healing touch upon her knee. I left, promising to come by and see how she was doing, letting myself out.

Next morning I dropped by to see how she was, and as I knocked on her door, the door flew open and there she stood, smiling and no cast.

She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me in and said "Let me tell you what happened!"

You prayed for me and left. The pain subsided, so I got up and made myself a cup of tea."

In the process of moving around the cast cracked. I phoned the hospital and the doctor told me to get down to the hospital and they would repair it."

When I arrived the doctor was angry at me, and told me that I would have to stay in the hospital until it healed. He cut the cast off, while I patiently waited. The doctor quizzically looked at me wondering why I wasn't writhing in pain as he took the cast off. All of a sudden he grabbed my knee with his hand, expecting a howl of pain. I looked at him and realized I had no pain!"

It dawned on me and I exclaimed "God healed me!"

They sent me in to be x-rayed and coming out the doctor told me that they couldn't find anything broken. I told him that God had healed me."

I was sent home, and here I am"

Another person healed by the power and unction of the Holy Spirit.

Due to her being a Political Candidate, the newspapers got a hold of it, and the headlines read. "Parliamentary Candidate Healed by Man of God!" The door bell started ringing with people wanting prayer.